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Pediatric dentistry is a unique branch of the dental profession because, well, our patients are quite different from adults.

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Kids’ bodies go through dynamic changes over a short space of time. Children’s teeth develop, exfoliate and erupt at the same time as their jaws are growing. That presents special challenges when it comes to the timing of treatment and the types of procedures that are appropriate. Pediatric dentistry includes a delicate understanding of how to shape the jaw line and facilitate the optimal position for permanent teeth.

At Pediatric Dentistry of East Texas, we work to ensure that neither you nor your child have anything to fear from a dental visit.


Check Ups

Here’s a tip for saving money: regular check-ups for your child! Avoid the cost of fixing cavities by bringing your children in for a check-up every six months. (A list of service fees is available, so feel free to ask about costs.)

During any exam, we not only look for cavities and other oral tissue problems, but also examine your child’s facial and teeth development. Parental participation is particularly important to us. We want to include you at every stage of the process—so come on back and hang out with your children while they’re in the dental chair. We’ll talk you and your child through each step of the examination or procedure. And we’d love your input about how best to manage your son or daughter’s behavior for any treatment required.

At the end of the session, we’ll give you a walkout letter that describes all the dental needs we discussed during your child’s check-up. You will also receive an itemized estimate for any treatment needed as well as an estimate of any insurance payments that might apply. We invite you to set up a later appointment to address any issues or, if you like, we can do simple fixes on the spot so that you won’t need to return for another appointment. Our priority: accommodate your needs.

We’ll send your child home with a balloon and a spring in their step.

Brushing Teeth

Cavity Prevention

One of our unique services is a rigorous cavity-prevention program. Since 1 out of every 4 children is genetically prone to get cavities, we use a diagnostic system to identify whether your child is at risk. If that hereditary trait applies to your child, we’ll work with you on diet counseling and also take measures to minimize risk of cavities.

We can help you with dietary suggestions and oral hygiene needs. We also have a plan where we apply flouride at scheduled intervals depending on your child.

Our regular schedule is to see each patient every 6 months and at-risk patients every 3 months.

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Early Orthodontic Treatment & Facial Orthopedics

Concerned about your child’s protruding teeth, overcrowding of teeth, missing teeth, underbite or overbite? Bring your child in for an exam.

We highly recommend early treatment of any abnormalities along the jaw line in facial development. Early treatment may help avoid more costly treatments later. It’s also easier to undertake procedures such as lengthening the upper or lower jaw when your child is young since his or her facial features are still developing. Such abnormalities are still treatable in teens but orthodontics at that stage is a more complex and more expensive process of moving teeth through malformed bones.

Additionally, we work closely with ear, nose, and throat doctors since facial abnormalities are sometimes related to constricted airways.

Your child will have a more beautiful face after our tender care.



No one loves the idea of having to wear braces. But, sometimes, orthodontic measures are necessary to properly align teeth for a precise bite and a better smile. The earlier we start treatment, the faster your kid’s smile will blossom. The result is always worthwhile.

Damon Braces

If you’re a teenager, we understand how awkward braces can be. The good news: We avoid using corrective headgear! The Pediatric Dentistry of East Texas is proud to use Damon Braces.

We can also remove wisdom teeth and extra teeth with the assistance of a licensed anesthesiologist in our office.

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Cavity Fillings And Oral Surgery

If you think you know the drill when it comes to fillings, think again.

Fixing cavities and performing minor oral surgeries on children requires finesse and an understanding of children’s special needs.

Some of the restorative and surgical procedures we provide are listed below. We are happy to talk with you about any of these services at any time, so just call (936) 634-6119.

Routine fillings and sealants: For small cavities we usually only give children nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Local anesthesia may be necessary for deep cavities.

Stainless steel crowns are a great way to cap multiple cavities on the same tooth or for cavities in inaccessible areas between the teeth.

Root canal filling: It may surprise you to hear that children sometimes require root canal work. There are times when it’s the best option available. For example, infected permanent teeth are often best saved by root canal therapy. At times, because teeth aren’t fully developed, treatment for this happens in stages—a little bit each time to maintain the best dental health.

Teeth removal: Deciduous teeth are removed when they are abscessed. Permanent teeth that are abscessed can usually be fixed by root canal therapy. We remove wisdom teeth, too.

Frenectomy: A frenum attaches the lip or the tongue to the jaw bone. Unfortunately, an enlarged frenum can cause a person to be tongue tied and develop poor speech articulation. It can also pull the gums away from the teeth. Using gas and local anesthesia, we can remove the ligament to improve speech, provide healthier gum tissues, and allow front teeth to move together.

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We want each procedure to be as painless as possible. To that end, our compassionate staff have several ways to help children through dental procedures.

  1. We frequently use laughing gas (nitrous oxide and oxygen) because it is safe and usually effective. We sequence treatment steps to gain the child’s confidence, doing the easiest things first.
  2. We’re the only practice in Central East Texas to offer in-office general anesthesia. This procedure is safely administered by a qualified anesthesiologist and used in instances when children are young, uncooperative, or need extensive dental work.
  3. Oral sedation is also available for dental surgery. Often easier to administer, your child must be 4 years of age or older for it to be safe and effective.

Whenever we need to use a sedative, we’ll consult you first. Your child’s safety and well-being is our foremost concern.



We’re here to help you when you most need assistance.

Every child has a spill sooner or later and sometimes that results in a dislodged or broken tooth. We’ve seen it all—bike accidents, basketball court mishaps, falls and more.

In the event of an emergency, call us day or night.
Dr. Guy’s office – (936) 634-6119
(936) 634-6213 Dr. Guy’s home (for after hours).

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Payments & Financing

Pediatric Dentistry of East Texas accepts all major credit cards, personal checks and cash. We take assignment for most dental insurance companies, and we offer 1 year no-interest charge loans through Care Credit.

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